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About Us

A Family Practice in Rochester Hills Michigan, Richards and Richardson was formed in 1993 following the partnership of Dr. Stacy Richards and Dr. Stephen Richardson. These two physicians formed a friendship during their Family Practice residency at Troy Beaumont hospital and a common goal of community based medicine. The family practice has grown through the years but never lost its primary focus of serving the Greater Rochester area with excellent care and compassion for our thousands of patients. In early 2013 we added Dr. Robert Ricketts to our family practice and he brings excellent credentials and a shared view of medicine. We stand by the motto of "treating everyone like family" and remain focused on a professional and friendly environment.

Waiting Room

We accommodate our waiting room with comfortable seating and a 200 gallon fresh water fish tank for our patient's enjoyment. There is a children's area that has dozens of classic books and miniature seating. We subscribe to over 40 magazines and also have medically informative television programming provided by Accent Health

small waiting area imagesmall children’s waiting area
Exam Rooms

All exam rooms have state of the art equipment and technology. We are a digital office that has been on the cutting edge of Electronic Health Records(EHR).

Pediatric Exam Room

The medical office can be be the scariest place for children so we have commissioned artists to make our pediatric exam room as friendly as possible.